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We don't believe in organizations,
we believe in people.
We enable individuals, teams, and organizations in fostering their potential and their ideas - for today's society as well as future generations.

Applying an entrepreneurial mindset, we support and train leaders, team, and organizations in challenging the status quo, while providing perspectives as well as solutions. Our first step? Taking inventory. As the RainMaker Tribe, we form your interdisciplinary, intercultural partner in gaining clarity for the road ahead.
For your
startup program

Potential is worthless, unless developed. We enable your teams to carry their values into our world; from program conceptualization to implementation.

For your
corporate team

New economy does not end at the cash register. We accompany and enable you to break new ground along your customer journey. Our goal? Joy at work, as well as a more regenerative economy for society.

For your
foundation or NGO

Society needs you. We evaluate levers and indicators for your effectiveness in society; so that every EUR reaches its maximum outcome.


We care for your progress
Our goals
is to enhance your impact through clarity



What if there was a way to create spaces free of politics, but rather an honest eye-to-eye conversation about the things trully neccesary for a common future?

  • Co-Creation / Facilitation / Art of Hosting / Event Design

  • Vision- and Strategy-Workshops

  • Anchors of Organizational Values

Intrapreneurship &


Stepping into the unknown is a challenge for individuals as well as organizations. It is our superpower to accompany and empower you along the way with customized training programs. 

  • Agile Leadership / Design Thinking / Storytelling / Pitching

  • LEAN Startup / Prototyping / Business Modelling

  • Startup- and Customized Training Programs

Community- & Knowledgetransfer


The highest impact is created when incorporating the levers of a given system into the strategy. Together, let us evaluate which levers to address.

  • Support for Community Building

  • Science-To-Business Technology Transfer

  • Policy Recommendations


Our cases
View our PDF to get some further insights


Training and mentoring an international group of experts from Colombia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan and Germany to develop peace-building journalism startups.


Compilation of two startup teams (special focus on team development) from various cultural backgrounds, time zones and heterogeneous skill levels.

  • Development of a common understanding of mutual goals

  • Training to implement the Lean Startup approach, including agile methods

  • Support of the development of prototypes

  • Pitch training for public presentations in front of an international audience

  • Use of a digital learning platform for knowledge management and collaboration

Project duration

October 2022 - April 2023

Download our cases (in German)
Kunden & Partner
Lerne uns kennen

Our value proposition
We care for you

In the learning zone

Change is a given, losses will come. We will make sure to keep you out of the panic zone, and never in your comfort zone.

At your side

We accompany your objectives if necessary. For this, we offer the option of mentoring and coaching.


Your sucess is our success. That is why every solution is custom-built for the setting you and your organization are in.

No data pains

Our email- and cloud server are located in Germany. It is important to us that our collaboration has one less aspect to worry about.

Lerne uns kennen

Our team
Interdisciplinary and intercultural experts


Our journey
We are grateful for continuously growing our expertise together with you